floating #1 Neptun Wasserpreis 1. Platz in der Kategorie “WasserKreativ”

video installation

floating #1

@ atelie plastelin
Джобен фестивал – пролет 2017
21.4.- 23.4.2017
“Tsar Simeon” Street 48, 1202 Sofia

The video installation floating is the first part of my work on the topic of waterfloating has been shot in Cacilhas (Portugal) and shows a place strongly influenced by the tides and the forces of water. 
The water series are a poetic homage to the meaning of basic life resources. The video appears as a collage, structures that blend into each other and look like an abstract drawing. Time is important although the work appears timeless.




@ Schok

8.-11.6.2017 Schoorle, Netherlands