everything must shine for me

everything must shine for me
project 2013 -2015
concept by Daria Tchapanova


exhibition 02.- 12.08.2014
artSpace Durban
during the 25. UIA Congress Durban
03. – 07.08.2014

installation view; Vinay Court 2014 ©DT

The installation was part of the project „interface“ initiated by the Durban based collective DALA – a parallel project during the 25. UIA (Union of Architecture) Congress held in Durban (SA) 2014.


The project is based on the story of a young boy, Bradlee Lovedale, who lives in a residential building „Vinay Court“ close to the Warwick Junction in Durban (SA). The installation „everything must shine for me“ reflects his desire to live a better life and was set up while he was in prison.
The work was initiated in 2013 and tells Bradlee‘s story of a diamond (a tattoo on his arm). It stands for hope in a difficult living situation. The video gives inside to the story and shows the life inside a building, a place away from public, from the pespective of the author.


exhibition view @artSpace Durban 2014


18‘35 min





„diamond“ Collage 21×29,7 cm, 2016; Ink-jet print on fotopaper *marker, acrylic paint; ©DT

c print; aluminium, 2014

“brad-lee” colour print, acryl, pencil, ink, cardboard, 50x70cm, 2015 ©DT

right side „gold and diamond“ Collage 73×53 cm, 2010/2015; mixed media on cardboard ©DT



@DALA: artarchitecture for social change

Vinay Court, Durban (SA)

reclaiming space 2013