beauty of …

beauty of destruction

„By looking at various locations, empty (ware-)houses or industrial sides – no matter where – there are a lot of details that appear in a similar way. The presence of people in an empty space is still visible – synthetic materials, broken glass, papers and other left overs of human presence can give reference to the history of a place. In “beauty of destruction” they can be looked as cut-outs, separated from their origin and their history and still traces of previous activities.
The selection of photographs focuses on the beauty of destructed, abandon or empty places, and regards to their alienated character, with the idea to create a new way of looking at this places. The work shows equality of places rather than their difference.
The photographs are selected from previous projects different countries, none of them is from Bulgaria. In the installation (Part 2) the works are jointed together as digital collages.“
(exhibition text)

Part 1
side specific installation
quARTal festival
atelie plastelin
Sofia, Bulgaria

Part 2

quARTal festival 2016
exhibition @ dom na kinoto (cinema house)
ul. Ekzarh Yosif 37, 1000 Sofia
Sofia, Bulgaria

Part 3

“love for the detail”
Water Tower Art Fest
20 – 28. Juni 2015
Sofia, Bulgaria
22.6 – 26.7.2015
@ SAMCA (Sofia Arsenal Museum of Contemporary Art)

exhibition view Sofia Arsenal Museum of Contemporary Art 2015 ©DT