12 panels/ each 60x80cm/ foto print on dibond

exhibition @ baldachin #3


collage 4:3

[4:3] ist eine 12-teilige Collage (320x180cm), die 2017 im Kontext eines historischen Kinogebäudes in Sofia (BG) entstanden ist. Die Arbeit wird als Puzzle im Kunstbogen im neu installiert.

@baldachin #3

02.03.2018 ab 18h


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video-installation 4:3

HUT (hinterhof.unter.terrain), Vienna


24 Stunden Ausstellung

size 340x180cm, video 10min (loop)

C-print on dibond (12 pieces – each 60x80cm)



exhibition 4:3; Cinema House Sofia (BG)

site-specific photographic exhibition in one of the oldest and last few standing art-house movie theaters in the Bulgarian capital Sofia

22th march till 23th april 2017

site-specific installation
Dom na Kinoto (Cinema House)
ul. „Ekzarh Yosif“ 37, 1000 Sofia (BG)


TV 100x55cm, collage, c-print on dibond ©2017


“Cinema house, more than a cinema”

Looking at the slogan of the house, the title of the exhibition 4:3 regards to the location, a cinema that served as the headquarters of the free speech and democracy club, as well as “safe-house” for students/creatives persecuted by the socialist authorities’ police force.
Within this context the exhibition aims to create a symbiosis between art & cinema. It connects the history of the house, its contemporary activities with the idea to push arts & culture further.

pernik 90×67.5cm, C-print on dibond ©2017


beauty of destruction 006 print 90x60cm ©2016

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