work in progress



The project is based on the story of a young boy, Bradlee Lovedale, who lives in a residential building „Vinay Court“ close to the Warwick Junction in Durban (SA).
The work was initiated in 2013 and tells Bradlee‘s story of a diamond (a tattoo on his arm). It stands for hope in a difficult living situation. The video gives inside to the story and shows the life inside a building, a place away from public, from the pespective of the author.

Projekt 2013 -2015 „everything must shine for me“

Ausstellung artSpace 02.- 12.08.2014

im Rahmen des 25.UIA Kongress 3.-7. August 2014, Durban, SA

140814_Städtebauliche Probleme Südafrikas- Architektur für alle – Kunst & Architektur Nachrichten –





work in progress 2013

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